Principal’s Comments

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The aim of education, of course, is to build up our personal and collective capacities to cope with anything that life may throw at us. It’s about building firm foundations. It is about values (motivation to take action) and skills. … Continue reading

Board of Trustees

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Essentially the role of the Board of Trustees is to work with the Principal to set the future direction of the school & to check that we are on course. I would like to share some examples of our focus … Continue reading

Head Girl

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In the year 2007 I was a shy little Year 9. Over the last five years Naenae College has turned me into a confident, determined smiley young lady. I have been very lucky to meet such wonderful people here who … Continue reading

Head Boy

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School is not just about the things you learn in the classroom. Learning to work together, respect each other and make friends are all just as important as we are growing up. I cannot imagine a better place to have … Continue reading

Deputy Head Girl

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Even though you are only at Naenae College for five short years you learn that if you stay focused and put in the hard work you will achieve your goals. This year I co-chaired the student council, ran in a … Continue reading

Deputy Head Boy

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I have had an amazing five years at Naenae College and have enjoyed every moment. Through my service as Deputy Head Boy this year, I wanted to give back to the school that has given me so much in the … Continue reading

Student Council 2011

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Having a dedicated group of leaders in Student Council 2011 has been motivational and has helped shaped the year into an exhilarating, rewarding experience where many concepts were put in place to improve the school as a place of learning. … Continue reading


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I have just returned home after watching the Years 11 and 12 Drama class perform “The Birthday Party” by Harold Pinter. What an energetic and brilliantly delivered performance it was. I sat there in awe of the cast as they … Continue reading

School Leavers of 2011

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  Ka kite ano! Good luck to you all! See a list of school leavers who contributed videos on our YouTube Channel