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Student Council 2011

Having a dedicated group of leaders in Student Council 2011 has been motivational and has helped shaped the year into an exhilarating, rewarding experience where many concepts were put in place to improve the school as a place of learning.

It was a fine start to the year for our Sports Committee who helped organised the Athletics Day. During the year they have helped promote sports in the college and it was very encouraging to see so many students taking part in the various summer and winter sports throughout the year. We would like to commend the House Leaders and Mr Jaurigue for helping organise various house activities such as the PS3 and chess competitions.

The Student Council has been very energetic in finding ways to add to school life. Many committees were established such as the Environmental, Health and Feast Committees. The Environmental Committee applied and received a grant for Youth Week 2011. The money from this grant was put towards a herb garden and a rubbish blitz. We also appreciate the effort put in from students in 10LI and Mr Luke for their hard work in creating a school recycling program. Well done!

Members of the Health Committee have spent the year working with public health to improve the health of students in the school. The Feast Committee looked into the Student Café and the food. They met with people who run the school café suggesting better food and prices for the student body.

We have also continued running the Breakfast Club. This provided students with a free breakfast twice a week. We would like to thank all the mentors and students who have helped us over the year. A new initiative was having lockers in the old student common room. These lockers were used by students who had sports gears, or various other equipment.

A key highlight for us was the Senior Formal. It was another terrific success, and a big thank you must go to the Formal Committee for the effort put in organising and putting this project together.

As our school year is almost over, it’s been wonderful being the Co-chairs of the Student Council for 2011. It has really helped us both grow as leaders .We have both learnt so much, working with such a tight group, who are not only quality leaders but terrific individuals. We would like to thank Thomas, Rachael, Brandon and Monisha for organising their respective committees, and also to Mrs Bowbyes for the effort she has put in. Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the year to make it an entertaining and successful one.

Darryn and Emily.

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