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Deputy Head Girl

Even though you are only at Naenae College for five short years you learn that if you stay focused and put in the hard work you will achieve your goals.

This year I co-chaired the student council, ran in a triathlon, played croquet, led and was a part of many committees, played hockey for the first time in my life and helped out at the Breakfast Club. This year has been busy but so fulfilling.

I have meet some amazing teachers at Naenae College. You all played an important part in my learning but I would like to mention just a few. Like Mr. Silva who was the teacher that passed his passion and enthusiasm for science onto me, but not his dislike for frogs. Mr. Lea, thank-you for seeing my potential for graphics and making it fun. I was lucky to meet teachers that inspired me, believed in me and helped me reach my full potential like Miss Balfour. Thank-you all so much.

I have met many amazing people who will be lifelong friends. Thanks guys for making me laugh when I was down and just for being there by my side through 5 truly amazing years at Naenae College. I will miss the great times that The Group of Acceptance had in chemistry.

To my fellow year thirteens, it is hard to think that college is now over. You have all made my college years memorable. I wish you all the best for the future.

It has truly been a privilege to be the 2011 Deputy Head Girl and I wish the future prefects all the best.

Emily Nixon 

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