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Head Boy

School is not just about the things you learn in the classroom. Learning to work together, respect each other and make friends are all just as important as we are growing up. I cannot imagine a better place to have done my learning than Naenae College.

During my time at school I have had the opportunity to take part in many activities and represent Naenae College. My time at Naenae has been memorable, with highlights such as Cultural day, athletics day and the school ball as standouts. For those of you that still have time left at school, get involved, make the most of the opportunities that are available.

To all the students, teachers and most of all, my close mates, thanks for making my time at college such a positive time. I have learnt so much from all of you. I have so many good memories and we have shared many laughs. Although it is sad for me that my time at Naenae College has come to an end, it is just the finishing of another chapter in my life. The experiences, tools and skills Naenae College has given me will give me every opportunity to succeed in the future.

It has been an honour to represent Naenae College as Head Boy this year. It has been amazing getting to know all of you and working alongside such talented people.

Sean Bryant

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