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Board of Trustees

Essentially the role of the Board of Trustees is to work with the Principal to set the future direction of the school & to check that we are on course.

I would like to share some examples of our focus during 2011:

    • Continuing the effort on Te Whanau Tahi and Restorative Processes – this is about strengthening the working relationship between teachers and students to grow student engagement and achievement. The school is a calmer place, attendance rates continue to improve, students are staying longer and academic results are improving year by year.
    • The Naenae College ladder of success model introduced into the senior school is bedding in really well. Early indicators are that the NCEA level one Literacy pass rate this year will be around the 80% mark which is a big lift from 57% in 2009 and 63% on 2010. The sense is we are getting better and better. This success is also due to the Cluster LEAP Literacy project established with our contributing schools that has now been running for 4 years.
    • We have finalised our 10YPP and are moving on the next phase of our property refurbishment (demolishing the science block & building new science labs in the core school buildings; moving Art to be part of the Tech block; putting in a new gymnasium floor and a new special needs unit);
    • We also wanted to check what you, the community is thinking – so we took a pulse check by interviewing 55 parents/caregivers at the July meet the teacher evening here in this hall. Some of the things you told us are: “the teachers seem very committed towards what they do”, “that teachers are encouraging students positively”.

What do you want us to keep focussing on for 2012? The most mentioned was “increase academic results”; there were also a number of comments related to the importance of communication and we will be doing some thinking on how we expand on the communications we already have.

This Board believes in the value of a Naenae College education. Friends of ours have chosen to bypass their local college; I personally have no problem looking them in the eye and to talk with pride about our boys’ experiences at Naenae; I do think that there is a sense of brotherhood or belonging that is special to Naenae College.

Dean Bryant


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