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9H Paintball

9H worked super hard demonstrating their Te Whanau Tahi principles and expectations on Wednesday the 7th of August 2013 so were treated with paintballing.

This was a great experience for them as they got the opportunity to smash Mr Fuller and Nathan. Mr Fuller quit round one, but Nathan soldiered on.

The boys had an awesome afternoon practicing their bush whacking skills, target shooting, and some of our key school values like Kotahitanga and Pumanawatanga. Divided into two teams with the overall objective to beat their opposition and be crowned the winners, the boys battled hard. After three rounds of intense battle, tactical skills and the odd randomly fired paint pellet or two, the game was over. Unfortunately I am not sure which team actually won in the end. The rained poured down and the mud went flying, some even resembled the infamous bush Maori.

All were winners on the day, proving just how awesome working as a team to achieve common goals can be. We ended the afternoon sharing Kai and retelling our adventures. We used this experience as the subject for some of our writing. Some chose to write persuasive letters to Mr Russell convincing him to let everyone go paintballing! Do you think Mr Russell can be convinced?

Dear Mr Russell

I strongly think that you should please let all students go to paintball because we will have fun and have a class competition.

One reason why I think about this is to learn about wars and what if feels like to be in wars.  If we go to paintball we will know more about wars and we will get better at shooting, hiding, working as a team.

Another reason I believe we should go to paintball every month is it helps our Physical Education.  We will get better at paintball skills. Like aiming, calling and accuracy.  These things are help at our Physical Education.  When we run around we get fit and more healthy.  That’s why we should go to paintballing.

The other reason that you should let us go to paintball is that more people would come to school, and we would had more people.  We will make our school proud by our behaviour and expectations.  It will help us get higher grades in our listening skills and learning skills.  We will improve our levels and attendance.

Mr Simpson wants to come with us but he does not have permission to go. I strongly hope can you please give permission for Mr Simpson to come with us and help us on the trip to Pomare.

I believe that you will give all student permission can go on the trip every months. I would like to say “Thank you very much”.

Dear Mr Russell

I am writing to you to say that I strongly believe that we should be allowed to go to paintball every fortnight because we will have fitness at the same time as having fun.

We should only go if we meet all the standards that the teachers would like us to meet.

Secondly we will improve on our teamwork skills and can learn and improve our shooting and hiding skills and we can learn our safety skills as well.

Students will most likely go to all their classes because they will want to go on a trip to paintball which will give the students the opportunity to show the Te Whanau Tahi principles like working in a team and improving positive relationships.

One other thing is it can help the students get more fitter and healthier so they can live a longer and better life.

I strongly believe that you should let us go to paintball because it will help the truancy levels go down because they will want to go on the trip and it will help us to show Te Whanau tahi principles while having fun.

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