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House Reports


House competition winners 2013

Amo stands for the foundations, the pillars of the whare, which symbolise strength and support. The front carved vertical side panels of the Wharenui represent strength and solidarity.

Amo prefects – Troy Broad/House Leader, Alicia Hart/Head Girl, Denique Agasia/Student BOT and Yasmine Golding.

Mentors: 9ALM Kiriana Manual & Tom Basire; 9ALO Hawo Ali & Maria; 10AHE Isikeli Cawanikawai, Waimarie & Tapa Chan Tung; 10ARY Michael Ladd & Regina Lee.

Have all done awesome work towards organising activities and participating in assemblies.

Congratulations to Te Wharekotua Davis for winning the most prestigious trophy. The Sir Apirana Ngata Memorial Trophy – “E Tipu E Rea” is awarded to the school that has the highest aggregate score in both English and Māori.

The purpose of the Sir Apirana Ngata Memorial Trophy is to encourage greater individual, school and regional proficiency in English and Māori languages and to recognize those students who have shown the greatest proficiency.

13ATS Words of Wisdom

Isikeli – Success isn’t everything but wanting to succeed is.

Polynesia – I dare you to DREAM and DREAM BIG, then put the hard work in and watch it unfold. Pain is only temporary but glory is forever. If you want succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful.

Logan – Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work.

Patosina – We are Te Whanau Tahi; that means we are one family.

France – Do what others don’t so as to get what others can’t.

Elreatia-Jane – Excuses are useless. Results are priceless.

Makasa – Works speak louder than words

Kahira – Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Siulolo – Do your best and God will do the rest.

Ofa – Never give up – the beginning is always the hardest.Aim for the highest GOAL.



Think, Lead, Learn

We are Koruru, the head of the whare nui. We are the place of thinking and the face of Te Whanau Tahi. With no head, no brain, there can be nothing else.

Koruru Whanau had some great student leaders this year:

Prefects 2013: Rebecca McHugh, Tom Bird, Noella Dushime and William Tufui

Mentors 2013: Ravneel Lal, Paul Tangiwai-Scott, Noah Brookhammer-Lust, Angelique Araiza, Kieran Brown, Ursula Walker, Colleen Moffat, Shalom Savea and Ale Peni.

These are some of the highlights of 2013, Koruru’s first ever year of existence.

Our first ever Koruru initiation ceremony took place at our first ever whanau assembly. “Eye of the Tiger” blared out of the speakers. We had to survive a series or ordeals involving the colour orange. The worst one was trying to munch our way through enormous pieces of carrot. After that, members of Koruru whanau could see really well in a power cut.

We had some awesome fun dressing people up and painting their faces. Orange is such a great colour. My favourite Koruru joke is, “Orange you glad you’re in Koruru?”

Participation in all activities was high this year and the tabloids sports in Term One brought us together as a whanau.

Throughout the year there were several wins throughout the inter-whanau competition calendar, including at the badminton competition. We also proved that, like our name says, we are the brains of Naenae College, because our whanau got Dux at the senior prize giving: Go Thomas Bird!

Koruru now move to the future under new student leadership. The Koruru prefects for 2014 will be Noah Brookhammer-Lust, Colleen Moffat, Kieran Brown and Ursula Walker. The mentors will be confirmed by the end of 2013.

We will be looking to gain momentum from the efforts of 2013 and carry this into the future.


We’re Tokomanawa, we’ll be reppin’ it from the heart,
We are the best, better than the rest, We are simply awesome!

This year saw the introduction of a new whanau system and this is what some of our Tokomanawa whanau thought:

“Because we are the heart of the school we have experienced a lot of teamwork and plenty of hard work done. It was great to see us get together and participate in all of the whanau competitions too” – 9TOK

“Throughout the whole year in Tokomanawa we all supported each other as one big family and we all encouraged each other especially on days such as athletics day etc which was great.” – 12TPG

“We love being part of Tokomanawa~ being part of Tokomanawa means we are the heart of the school. We are about caring and loving each other, supporting each other, and being Te Whanau Tahi! We make good relationships with others and have great teachers. As Tokomanawa we all enjoy the activities and assemblies where we get to be together and walking in always feels warm and safe! We are one big whanau and being year 9 Tokomanawa makes us feel like we belong here”. – 9TLS

“Cultural day was a real highlight. Seeing our House ‘Tokomanawa’ represented by so many different cultures in their national costumes. Some classes joined together to share the day with lunch. The concert was entertaining and “simply awesome” (to use the words from our theme song!” – 11TSN

“Despite all of the stress, We loved making progress,
Climbing the ladder of success.
When we get to the top, We’re not gonna drop
And we’re never gonna stop.
We’ve made ourselves the best, Better than the rest.
Tokomanawa For Life!”


On a
With outstanding


Tokomanawa for Life!!


Our whakatauki this year has been: He rau ringa e oti ai – Many hands make light work.

And this is how Maihi has worked this year. As part of Te Whanau Tahi we have had the joy of preparing assemblies, competing together and making Naenae College = ‘the place to be!’

Our prefects – Jarrod Coppell, Maluolefale Levaula-Faalogo, Shaiqua Iorangi and Floronna Vaiao helped to determine the direction of Maihi while Stephen Thorpe designed the banner. Our mentors along with all other whanau mentors helped our young students settle into life at Naenae College and life as part of our College whanau.

For the next five years our year nine students are going to have the same learning advisor – ‘ so they will know our story’. They will be our ‘permanent teacher’.

What is whanau about? – ‘Maihi Magic works as a family’, ‘ Everyone works together and makes you want to join in when you get there’, ‘It’s about everyone coming together and working as a team’.

I am looking forward to 2014 and all that we will be able to do with Maihi – 2013 was a great year and we have helped build a foundation for all whanau to work with – where to next? Let’s wait and see!

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