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The focus for the library this year was collaboration. The Librarian Mrs Waenga, Mrs Harman and Mr Carew worked together to deliver lessons about information literacy.

The aim of the programme was to teach students how to search for information efficiently. Students learnt how to identify keywords in their focus questions, identify information sources, how to evaluate websites, use note-making templates and create a bibliography. These skills were pulled together in self-chosen research topics such as Facebook and the Lumiere Brothers. Students finished by evaluating their work and identifying what they would do better next time. Students also taught the teachers something new.

The library will have a new management system installed by the end of the year called AccessIt . It is a web-based system with up-to-date search functions and a student friendly interface, making it easier for students to find resources.

Once again we would like to thank all the student librarians for their time and commitment to the library.

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