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Staff Farewells

Ms Ariti Ransfield 

Ariti came from Mana College to Naenae to become a year 10 Dean and a teacher of Art, Design and Life Skills.

Recognition of her people skills and ability to form relationships with students allowed her to move quickly into role of Senior Dean, then Assistant Principal of the senior school. She was a person who was caring, insightful and with a wicked sense of humour which was not always appropriate.

She was well loved for her many endearing sayings; “Buddy”, “Sincerely”, “How’s that working for you?” and “Do you need a hug?”

Ariti was also a Te Whanau Tahi Facilitor, and she ran the Mana Wahine Girls programme mentoring and supporting our young women.

Among her others achievements she graduated with a Master’s degree in Maori Design from Massey University and she also trained for and competed in Iron Maori Triathalons. Ariti was giving of herself and her time; she made a huge impact on our school with staff and students alike.

She has gone on to working at Te Wananga o Aotearoa where she will implement future education youth programmes.

Ariti is someone who we remember with a smile and fondness. We wish her well in her future endeavours.

Mr Manu Luke

Manu began his career at Naenae College as a relief teacher while studying at Victoria University. He then departed for the United Kingdom to find fame and fortune playing rugby. This proved to be elusive. But his earlier taste of teaching and his strong whanau ties to the school (mum, cousin, aunty and uncle all working here) drew him back to Naenae. Like Blanket Man, Manu initially had no faculty that he could call home. He was shared between PE, Science and Social Sciences, and even spent some time in Maths, thanks to his primary school training. Eventually he managed to settle in Social Sciences as a Geography teacher. However, it would not be the classroom where he would make his greatest impact. Manu has a great passion for Maori achievement and lamented the low success rate for Maori at the College. He became a lead teacher in creating, developing and implementing the Te Whanau Tahi programme, which is now the foundation of our school’s culture. A keen sportsman, Manu coached the 1st XV rugby team in 2007. He also dabbled in a bit of golf, but unfortunately his skill in rugby greatly surpassed his skill in golf. Whanau is extremely important to Manu and the College has played a major role in this area. His mother, Benny, was still working for the school when she sadly passed away in 2006 and the school supported the whanau through this time. Three years later Manu married our work colleague Rebekah Harman (more nepotism?) and they now have two young boys. Manu has a great deal of entrepreneurial potential and has left to pursue his dream of running a family business. We wish him and his whanau all the best in this endeavour.

Ms Chetna Ahuja

This year we said farewell one of our long-term members, Ms Chetna Ahuja, from the Mathematics department. Ms Ahuja will be remembered for her caring attitude towards the students and her butter chicken that she cooked up on a regular basis while she was at Naenae College.

Ms Ahuja left to move to Auckland to join her husband, who has transferred with the Correspondence School up there. She will enjoy looking after her new grandchild, living not far away and the rest from her busy life at Naenae.

We wish her well for her new life in Auckland.

Miss Karla Balfour

Karla is an ex-student of Naenae College, leaving in 2001 to venture into tertiary study and train to become a teacher. She then returned to Naenae in 2007 to start her second teaching position back in her old school.

Karla has a real passion for teaching, and she has built great relationships with all her students. She was instrumental in setting up a Year 10 Project Class in 2011, where she taught a group of 18 students for 19 hours per week – quite a challenge! Through doing this she was able to co-construct curriculum content with the students, and they took part in fantastic activities which made learning come to life. Trips included camping in the Orongorongo’s to learn all about the art of survival, and living on a working farm for a week in the company of the Principal, Mr Russell to see first-hand agriculture and dairy farming in action. Karla’s gift is that she is able to make learning real so that the students connect their experiences to authentic situations.

Karla is also known for her vivacity, which has occasionally led her into some sticky situations, such as getting the Principal’s car stuck in a field whilst on the aforementioned farming trip! Her best memories include letting her Project Class students cut and style her hair and she loved the annual multi-cultural days.

Karla has gained a promotion to Head of Learning Support at Upper Hutt College, and we know she will be hugely successful in her new role. We will miss her at Naenae but we wish her well on the next leg of her journey.

Ms Renee Downes

Renee was appointed to Naenae College as Head of Maori Department in 2010. This was her first teaching appointment.

During her years at Naenae College she got involved in many programmes, courses and committees.

She worked tirelessly with Te Whānau Tahi Kapa Haka Roopu and the Whanau Roopu. She also accompanied the group to the National Competition in Rotorua 2010 and Whangarei 2012.

She was also a member of the Te Whānau Tahi Marae committee and in her own quiet way contributed her thoughts for the betterment of the marae.

Renee helped out with the Girls Programme 2012 and jointly with Mrs Muiaiava oversaw the Pacific Studies Course for Year 12 and 13 students.

As a new teacher she organised the Wairarapa ki Awakairangi Regional Ngā Manu Speech Contest at Naenae College in 2010 without any problems.

Thank you Renee for your dedication and commitment to Naenae College.

We will miss her, but realize that exciting opportunities and challenges await her. It has been an honor to be her colleague for the past three years. We have all benefited from her knowledge and charm and wish her every success on her career path.

He aha te mea nui o te ao – he tangata, he tangata, he tangata.
What is the greatest thing in this world it is people, it is people, it is people.

Ms Rosemary Scott

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” –Socrates 

Rosemary Scott, Head of Languages Faculty, Head of English for seven years and Head of ESOL during 2013 has decided the time has arrived to pursue personal interests, particularly travel, writing and family activities.

Acting on a belief that education’s role is the empowerment of students to make choices, Rosemary has worked tirelessly to ensure equity in the availability of opportunities for all. Students have benefited immensely from the Homework Centre which she, with a small group of staff and parents, set up in 2007.

Pursuit of knowledge and enjoyment of literature in all guises has been a focus of Rosemary’s teaching. A leader of literacy workshops, she presented cross-curricular professional development in reading and writing skills.

Thank you for all you have done for NaeNae College.

Rosemary will be missed but we wish her well in her journey as she begins the next chapter of her novel.

Mr John-Paul Jaurigue

It was with reluctance that the Science department said farewell to its Physics teacher Mr. Jaurigue at the end of term two. Mr. Jaurigue has a long association with the college and attended Naenae as a student before returning to teach in 2008, he has made a real contribution to the Naenae community as a teacher, form tutor and organiser of inter house events. However his dedication to card and strategy games has been the biggest loss to many of our students who spent every lunch time with Mr. Jaurigue refining their skills.

Mr Jaurigue has joined the staff at Upper Hutt College, which is close to his new home and family, we wish him well for the future.

Whaowhia te kete mātauranga
Keep filling your basket with knowledge

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